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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still More Fun...Remodel Style

I know, I'm on a blogging roll. Here's the truth: It's the only writing I'm doing at the moment, and frankly, I'm a sick junky when it comes to writing....if I don't do it daily, I feel all fuzzy in the brain. So, lucky for you, lots of blogs to read...or may be that's unlucky.

There's part of the Maui trip that I've left out, but it's worth telling. As you know, we're about to start the most major remodel we've ever attempted. It's definitely an advanced marital move, only to be completed after dealing with tents in the rain.) And projects of this size have certain life reprecussions. For me, it's worries in the middle of the night. Many nights in Maui and every night since our return I wake up in the middle of the night, in a full on panic. I thought may be if I wrote about my demons here, may be I'll sleep better. These are not listed in the order of most stress caused.

1: The Dad, the contractor, the decorators and even the cabinet guy all hate the cabinets and are just humoring me. (The Dad wasn't happy when I woke him up to express this concern. He insists he likes the cabinets, but he was kind of grumpy...should I believe him?.)
2: The paint color in the family room is too dark. (Think about this...I'm on an island in the middle of the pacific, there's no paint on the wall, yet I lost sleep over a potential color on a wall. Sick.)
3: The wall that's coming down is load bearing and the ceiling will fall in. (Yes, we hired an architect and an engineer, both seem like they know what they're doing, but I'll breathe easier when the wall is down and the roof stays up.)
4: The knobs. Is any one remembering we still need knobs in the kitchen? I haven't picked my knobs yet.
5: I won't have a place to hang my calendar. Calendars are a big deal around here...I need a spot.
6: Hello, all of you experts, The pink Little Pony Crystal Palace won't fit in any of the cabinets, where will it go? Has anyone thought of this but me? It's keeping me up at night.

Perhaps the bottom line is that remodels and jet lag don't mix.


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