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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

She's a School Girl Now...

What's that expression something about having a child is like ripping out your heart and letting it walk around without you. Today, that saying was never more true for us as we watched La Nina walk into her first classroom. First, I'm proud to say that I didn't cry. Well, not until she got home and I pulled a very sweet art project from her backpack. Second, I'm also proud to say she did not cry and looked thrilled from the moment she led the line of kids into the classroom.

A few details:

The outfit: My daughter was the only child in her class to don an animal print her first day of kindergarten. Despite my best efforts to talk her out of it, she wore her "Cheetah" top and skirt. (I looked online to find a picture, but I couldn't find it.) Basically the top's a shell in a cheetah print fabric with a brown over shirt and the denim skirt is lined with cheetah fabric. Considering it was 100 degrees plus today, I contented myself with the fact that she looked fashionable and dressed for the weather without breaking the school dress code (spaghetti strings are forbidden--every sun dress we own falls outside the new rules.)

The backpack: The only backpack we had for La Nina was too small to hold the infamous Wednesday envelope--the packet of homework and announcements sent home each week. So this weekend we went shopping for a bigger school pack. She selected a princess backpack that dwarfs her when it's on her back. I've been a little worried she going to outgrow the whole princess obsession, but most of the girls were carrying similar packs, so it looks like we're safe for at least this year. Let's hope she never fills the backpack, because it will outweigh her filled.

The Sister: Poor Magster. When the kids lined up to go into the kindergarten class, she stood right behind her sister, ready to head into class. She was mighty disappointed when she had to leave school with boring old Mom and come home alone. Her new school starts 9/10 and that can't come soon enough for her.

The Language: Today, the teacher (Maestra) taught half in English and half in Spanish. La Nina came home singing Spanish songs and greeted me with a hearty "Buenas Dias". The class will switch to 90% Spanish in 3-4 weeks. In case you wonder if Dora does. The teacher called backpacks "mochilas" and La Nina looked at us, held up her backpack and smiled. Long live Dora and Diego. Also this afternoon, La Nina corrected the word I used for "big" in Spanish. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of that in my future.

Bedtime: Well, check out the time stamp on this post and that says it all. Both girls were out cold by 7:15. I could get used to this.

I can't believe we have to do it all again tomorrow. I haven't had to do anything five days a week in five years, and I'm in for a big adjustment on this.


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