Maggie Makes Four!

This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Maggie 2, the Lab 0

Well, Ms. Maggie is something else. I took her into the lab yesterday to try to finish up her blood work. We went into the lab, turned in our "samples" and waited for a lab tech to become available. She was fine during our wait: flirting with the people in the waiting room, eating cherrios and chattering away. The lab tech called our name, we walked into the blood draw area and mayhem.

Maggie started screaming as soon as she saw the blood draw chair. So the techs took us to a back room where Maggie could lay down and relax. She was screaming so loud that the walls were shaking. I laid her down and basically, laid on top of her to pin her. Since the lab techs are afraid of her, two RNs came in to the room to draw her blood. I was on top of her, an RN was holding her arm and another RN was trying to draw the blood. It didn't work. In the end, Maggie did get stuck, but the RN never found a vein. The RNs were afraid she was going to dislocate her shoulder she was fighting so hard. What am I going to do with this kid?

You should have seen the looks on the peoples' faces who were waiting in the lab when we walked out. Pure pity for Maggie. I wanted to tell them, "Pity her after they get the blood. They didn't do anything to her this round."

After the incident in the lab, I went to pediatrics to ask for advice. Actually I was looking for a sedative for either her or me. The nurse in pediatrics marvelled at Maggie's will, but no dice on the sedatives. I am supposed to try again next week after I have given her a megadose of benadryl. If it doesn't work next time, Maggie is handed over to orderlies who forcibly draw the blood. If we get to that point, I am betting on Maggie. Let's hope the benadryl works. More to follow on my wild child's adventures in the lab, but so far, she is winning.


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